Experiments are taking place and research is being conducted all over Marineterrein: in the middle of the street, under water and in the buildings. All these tests are related to themes that are important for the future of Amsterdam and other cities throughout the world, such as greening, circularity, inclusivity and ethical digitalisation.

Finished experiments

  1. Re-using people’s urine

    Recycling waste flows is essential for a sustainable world. We take our glass bottles to the bottle bank, and recycle our plastic, but there is one waste stream that is not currently fully recycled: our urine. But a new experiment by Cinderela could...

  2. The self-driving minibus Olli

    Amsterdam traffic is getting out of control. This leads to congestion and bottlenecks on the capital’s roads, reducing air quality and quality of life in the city. Is autonomous public transport a solution for the city? Olli – a self-driving minibus...

  3. Artificial grass pitches beat the city heat

    A special type of artificial grass is currently being tested at Marineterrein Amsterdam as a way to keep athletes and the environment cool, thanks to an innovative water collection system under the turf.

  4. Boombrix gives trees 'a voice'

    Climate change and an increasing number of buildings in cities are putting pressure on trees in urban areas. Yet, it has never been so important to have trees around the city. Trees give us oxygen, shade, a place to cool down, and a pleasant green...