Boombrix gives trees 'a voice'


Boombrix: Keeping cities green and healthy

Climate change and an increasing number of buildings in cities are putting pressure on trees in urban areas. Yet, it has never been so important to have trees around the city. Trees give us oxygen, shade, a place to cool down, and a pleasant green environment. Marineterrein Amsterdam is experimenting with innovative technology to keep track of how healthy our trees are. That technology is called Boombrix.

Complete picture of the health and resilience

Boombrix is a pioneering company that ‘gives trees a voice’, with the aim of understanding the optimal growing conditions for trees as best as possible.

This is how it works: Boombrix places a device in the ground, which can accurately measure things like moisture content. Thanks to IoT technology, the data gathered by the device is collected and interpreted remotely. This creates a complete picture of the health and the resilience of a tree, so we can find out exactly when a tree is at risk and needs to be watered, and tree maintenance can be planned much more accurately.

Testing and applying technology

The Marineterrein is home to a facility where Boombrix tests the technology and applies it.

And the location to experiment with this technology is ideal, as conditions such as soil type and the combination of natural surroundings and concrete structures are very similar to those in the centre of Amsterdam. This is hugely important because a realistic environment provides the best opportunity to find solutions to problems.

Insight into condition of soil and vegetation

A pilot project is currently under way to collect the first set of data, which will give us an insight into the condition of the soil and vegetation. We will then have a better idea of what is needed to keep the trees on the Marineterrein healthy. Great news for the Marineterrein at the moment, but also for Amsterdam and the entire Netherlands in the future.