Living Lab: innovative urban solutions

Situated in the heart of Amsterdam, the Marineterrein functions as a dynamic living lab. This unique space serves as a testing ground for innovative ideas and technologies aimed at enhancing the city's liveability. Much like other cities across the globe, Amsterdam grapples with significant challenges. To foster creative solutions, the presence of a physical hub, knowledge sharing, and collaborative efforts are necessary.

The Marineterrein Living Lab stands out as one of the city’s select innovation districts where outdoor experimentation is possible. There is a vibrant community consisting of government bodies, businesses and knowledge institutions on the Marineterrein. This environment facilitates seamless collaboration among entrepreneurs, scientists, creatives, makers, students and policymakers.

The Marineterrein has plenty of space to experiment with emerging technologies and smart (social) solutions. These encompass a wide array of possibilities, including but not limited to applications within the Internet of Things (IoT), sustainable energy solutions, and last-mile innovations. The flexibility to create interventions in the public space and to experiment with things like crowd regulation and the influencing of behaviour is a distinctive feature of the site. 

Due to its strategic location, nearby residents, visitors, and on-site professionals all become involved in experiments at an early stage. This engagement accelerates the process of testing and refining solutions that are social, realistic and scalable.



The infrastructure of the site makes it easy to set up and carry out experiments. There is a local data processing infrastructure and a crane with which boats and floating objects can be launched. We have a maintenance team that can help you set up experiments and facilities.