From blazing hot to cool and green


SmartRoof 2.0

How social and technological innovations can contribute to a healthy and climate-resistant city.

Project SmartRoof 2.0 is an innovative, lightweight, blue-green roof, that has been installed on Building 02 at the Marineterrein Amsterdam. Water management (blue) and plants (green) are carefully monitored using sensors. This provides a wealth of information.

Water is essential for plant growth. That’s why the blue-green roof features an 85 mm-high Permavoid hollow drainage layer that stores rainwater directly under the planted layer. These Permavoid units have special fibre cylinders that use the capillary effect to provide the plants with water during dry spells. This creates natural irrigation without using pumps, hoses, or energy: just like in nature.

Concept and construction of Project Smartroof 2.0


  • Construction: March 2017

  • Scientific research: 2017-2018, possibly untill 2019


There are 12 measurable variables and 57 sensors that measure:

Sensortype Aantal
Rain gauge 1
Infrared Camera 1
IR surface temperature sensor 2
Soil moisture sensor 14
Soil temperature sensor 14
Water height meter 6
Air temperature meter 10
Wind speed and direction 1
Solar radiation 1
Sunlight reflection 3
Lysimeter (evaporation) 3
Relative humidity 1
Total 57