• Programma van WeMakeThe.City
  • Datum: 21 juni, 14.00 – 17.00 uur
  • Locatie: Schietbaan, achter gebouw 024, Marineterrein Amsterdam (volg de borden)

Demo presentation of future ‘smart city’ technologies

What is a ‘smart’ city? There’s not just one definition. To many city leaders — especially within the private sector — the term has become a shorthand for technology that makes cities work better or more efficiently. Smart cities are connected cities, and they work in conjunction with everything from IoT sensors to open data collection and smart streetlights to provide better services and better communication. For many, it is hard to visualise this technology and how it is going to shape the urban space. Therefore, we run this live presentation in which we will showcase latest cutting-edge solutions.

Participants of this demo presentation will have a unique opportunity to test drive some existing smart neighborhood solutions.

Main themes:
● Smart | Safe | Green Mobility
● Smart street
● On-demand production

2getthere (www.2getthere.eu)
Felyx (www.felyx.nl)
Roger-Bacon (www.rogerbacon-eyewear.com)
Bun.run (www.bun.run)
CITIXL (www.citixl.com)
…and more

City Innovation Exchange Lab (www.citixl.com) has been working hard with the City’s CTO office and key members of the Amsterdam innovation community to co-create an effective innovation exchange programme that addresses core values which we have established with local stakeholders and international partners – Speed, Social Inclusion, Citizen Empowerment, Simple and Effective Solutions (low hanging fruit), Quick Wins, Social Impact, Nurturing and Growth to Scale.

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