Interactive Session: Startup funding routes and working with the city


On June 16th, from 15:00-18:00 AMS Institute is organizing an interactive session about startup funding and working with the city, covering various funding avenues for startups, success stories, and how the Municipality of Amsterdam supports startups.  It's a great opportunity for young founders to learn and network.

The session offers an unique opportunity to explore how early-stage startups can secure funding and support through various avenues, including Crowdfunding Campaigns, Bank Innovation Loans, and VC investments, as well as seasoned entrepreneurs telling their stories.

In addition, a representative from the Municipality of Amsterdam will be shedding light on how they support startups.

Discover what conditions or requirements the Gemeente requires startups to fulfill to become launching customers through first pilot programs.

So we welcome you to join this session, a great opportunity to learn about each other’s industries and build connections.


15:00 - 18:00