Location: Makerversity, building 27E, Marineterrein Amsterdam, 6.00 – 9.00 P.M.

Programme: go to Sensemaker web page on Meet-up 

About Sensemakers:

During our meetups we talk and do Internet-of-Things, Sensors, Arduino, RaspPi, electronics and more. Ranging from projects (Air Quality Egg, Open Thermostat, waterbuoy), presentations, events and just getting together to talk. Everybody is welcome: Technical, non-technical or just interested. If you like to know more, be involved or are just curious: just come to one of our regular meetups every third Wednesday of the Month at Makerversity Amsterdam. In addition, we want to bring in speakers for each event, who can share their thoughts, experiences and/or wisdom. So if you know someone, let us know.