AMS Startup Booster's final pitches

ams booster 2022_2

Kom kijken naar de oplossingen van zeven startups een positieve bijdrage willen leveren aan het leven in de stad.

This event marks a significant milestone in our journey to foster innovation and entrepreneurial spirit in addressing metropolitan challenges.

The AMS Startup Booster is a program dedicated to nurturing early-stage startups that aim to make a positive impact on urban living. Since last October, startups have embarked on a journey of growth and development, and they are now ready to present their innovative projects and visions.

Meet our presenting startups:

  1. beppie: Reconnecting elderly to their loved ones in the digital age by transforming Whatsapp messages to heartfelt postcards – and back.
  2. CleanCycle: Solving the waste problem by turning trash into cash for consumers.
  3. JOYN: Unlocking enterprise value by engaging with employees to meet sustainability objectives together.
  4. nativenergy: Strengthening urban energy independence through rooftop hybrid renewables.
  5. Nauti: Committed to rebalancing our aquatic ecosystems and combating water pollution with exclusive biological cleanup services, IoT technology and precision dosing.
  6. Noord See Lights: Design your own biobased and circular lamp.
  7. SwappSport: Revolutionizing sports equipment access with affordable, sustainable subscriptions for a greener future.

In addition to the pitches, the event offers a fantastic opportunity for networking. We invite you to engage with a diverse group of individuals from the AMS Institute community, as well as entrepreneurs, investors, industry experts, and enthusiasts who share a passion for innovative urban solutions.


Van 14.45 - 19.00 uur