• do 19 juli 2018
  • 18:30 – 21:00 CEST



How can we all get started with spatial audio ?

XRBASE and VRDAYS are very pleased to increase the focus on – and the need for – more realistic audio in immersive settings

We have invited three CEO’s from three German companies to Amsterdam to elaborate on democratizing spatial audio and insights from productions.

Dear Reality’s “dearVR Spatial Connect” is a software tool that can lower the entrance point for spatial audio. The users can mix audio for VR in VR and intuitive understand the impact.

No audio engineering background is required.

Dear Reality is the company behind the software and has recently received funding by Sennheiser in order to improve immersive audio (creation and rendering of immersive audio in object-based and scene-based formats)

‘Dear Reality’ will be joined by ‘DELTA Soundworks’, a VR Sound Design Company , and ‘VRTONUNG’, a 360° Sound Production company

This is a night for all that takes sound seriously – and for the those who wants to take spatial sound seriously, but still finds is too big of a hassle.

Ticket price: 5 €



Christian Sander

CEO | Dear Reality

Christian Sander is the CEO and Co-founder of Dear Reality, a German Audio VR/AR company creating tools focused on spatial audio and the 3D Audio technology dearVR, listed “VR Essentials” by the game engine Unity.

He is an expert for spatial audio, virtual acoustics and VR sound design with more than eight years of experience in Audio VR, DSP and R&D. Besides being a skilled software developer Christian Sander worked as a sound engineer for Germany’s biggest public broadcasters Westdeutscher Rundfunk and Deutschlandfunk.

He holds a degree in Sound- and Video Engineering, once won the bronze award at the AES Student Competition “Sound For Visual Media” and worked as a lecturer for Digital Audio.

More Info: http://www.dearvr.com


Daniel Deboy

CEO | DELTA Soundworks

Daniel Deboy is CEO and co-founder of DELTA Soundworks, a production company with focus on immersive audio for virtual reality and full-dome cinema.

He holds a degree in sound engineering of the Graz University of Technology and was honoured for his fundamental research in the field of 3D sound recording and reproduction with the “Student Award” of the German Acoustical Society. Daniel won a gold, silver and bronze award at the AES student recording competition and has further trained his skills as a recording and mixing engineer at the facilities of the Alte Zigarrenfabrik in Sandhausen, Germany.

More Info: http://deltasoundworks.com


Martin Rieger


Martin Rieger has been specialized in cinematic virtual reality video productions and is one of the view freelancers who work full time in that specific field and wrote his master thesis about it.

With his studies of media technology and production, he has a good overview of state of the art technology, not only limited to the sound, which is what can give him advantages over classic sound engineers.

He has been working for varies feature films, documentaries and commercials as a production sound mixer, re-recording engineer and music composer.

This is where he realized 360-degree videos is exactly what he was looking for, small but stunning projects he can handle on his own, thus delivering the sound on vision from day one of shooting to the final delivery after taking care of post-production.

More Info: https://www.vrtonung.de/