M.E.T.A. Café, a collective of three interdisciplinary designers, will introduce you to the practice of Speculative Design based on theory and facts. During this interactive workshop you will collaboratively work towards a speculative concept for a future design, exploring the theme of time-travelling! A key part of this workshop is about multidisciplinary collaboration, so envision fruitful idea generation and the understanding of visions from various practices.

Nine, Cedric and Raya (the founders of M.E.T.A. Café, and our wonderfully enthusiastic under-25 members) will expand on this working method through discussing their personal projects: the brain becoming an instrument; nightlife photography evolved into an interdisciplinary fashion show; and cultural mobility as the basis of multifunctional fashion.

They will also be sharing some current developments of their design start-up M.E.T.A. café, where they’re experimenting with the combination of sound and textiles. They will discuss how speculative design can feed into the process of making real products.

Come and join them at their portable café (free coffee provided!), develop new design strategies and become part of an exciting network of thinkers and makers.