What’s the future of our Neighborhood Cameras? Come to check live demonstration of camera with advanced recognition software and discuss about privacy in public space. By 2020, China plans to give all its 1.4. billion citizens a personal score based on how they behave. “The Social Credit Score” gives people rankings based on their trustworthiness, spending habits, and social interactions. People with high score are rewarded with privileges like faster hotel check-ins, and more matches on dating apps. Lower scores are punished, with slow internet, and travel restrictions. See explainer video here. Next week, the program will start expanding nationwide in China.

What does this smart camera future mean for The West? Europeans? or even Amsterdammers? What does this mean for Taipei who are at the doorstep of China? During the WeMakeTheCity Festival, we will mark out a “facial recognition zone” to measure the behavior of the public in & around the zone. A simple experiment to see whom among us (in Amsterdam) are comfortable walking into the zone and who is not.

The camera installed DOES NOT HAVE FACIAL RECOGNITION software, but we will use it’s other features to achieve the following goals:
• Capture # number of people in the “Study Area”
• Capture # number of people entering the “Caution Zone”
• Capture types of behaviors in the “Study Area” vs the “Caution Zone”

14:00-17:00 – Live presentation. Walk-in and experience the technology
16:00-16:30 – Interview with Marc Schoneveld from DataLab – Gemeente Amsterdam on city data and privacy.

Camera will be installed in front of building 027E during the WeMakeThe.City festival, 21-24 June 2018.

Project of Makerversity for WeMakeThe.City.