Optimize your teams’ impact and combine an agile mindset with creative power!

From goals to methods, from methods to results, from results to impact.

Are you and your team(s) ready to make a real impact, but don’t know where to start? Let us invite you to start right here, with us.

This course will make your team effective and creative for complex challenges in a digital era. In an ideal design process there is a constant flow between researching and creating. SCREAM! facilitates this flow with a structured ‘common language’ for multidisciplinary teams.

Digital Society School introduces the SCREAM! Approach that enables multidisciplinary teams (with members from various business units and background) to get started and enrich the design and innovation process. SCREAM! is introduced in combination with our structured and successful Design Method Toolkit, that will enable you to plan and apply design methods in your projects and create impactful solutions within short iterations.

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November 25th