R and Visualisation for beginners (2-day course)


Want to get independent with visual making?

R is perfect to make quick prototyping. If you’re done with making visuals with Excel and want to get your visualisations one step further, keep reading.

R is a programming language that is relatively easy to learn, e.g., its code is more human readable and has a flexible syntax. It gives you access to a large set of libraries for all sort of purposes (e.g., visualisation, statistics, machine learning, web scraping, image processing, time series analysis and much more). With these libraries, complex tasks can be executed with a few lines of code.

Learning R will allow you to perform all sort of data processing tasks, with a faster learning curve and programming time than other alternatives like Python.

During this Digital Camp we will work on data sets that describe the green economy in The Netherlands.

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March 5 – March 6