• Programma van WeMakeThe.City
  • Datum: 23 juni, 13.00 – 16.00 uur
  • Locatie: Makerversity, gebouw 027E, Marineterrein Amsterdam

Using fiction to imagine public space as living space and, speculate a near-future Amsterdam that challenges ownership, safety, and care-taking of urban spaces.

What is the real difference between private and public property?

Public space is how a city speaks. It reveals the gridlocks, tensions, desires, and dreams. What if weview this space as living space?If so, what kind of furniture would it have? Who would own it, and for how long? How would it be designed? This workshop is an intense experience of discovery, where we will role-play and fabulate new possibilities for urban space. The process allows the participants to embrace radical imagination, creating insights and conceptual prototypes to tell a story of what could be. It’s a collaborative design process that uses fiction as a toolset for city-making.

We are inspired by projects that propose public spaces as living rooms (Ex:London’s largest living room and speculates the cities (Ex: Elastic Cities).

Imagination of Things is a creative studio passionate about city-making, cultural mashups, and metaphors for urban resilience. Studio SET believes in taking interior design to play outside— Program WeMakeThe.City on Marineterrein | page 12 pushing its possibilities through spatial innovation. They came together blending their experienceto propose this unique workshop.

Imagination of Things is a creative group that uses narrative design and creative technology in a quest to unlock joy and spark cultural impact. It is directed by Monique Grimord and Vitor Freire, they are storytellers, inventors, choreographers, magicians.

SET (Studio Egle Tuleikyte) is set to persuade, stimulate, inform, envision and forecast. Seeking to discover a unique language as a spatial professional in order to enhance responsiveness to our surroundings. Discovering new multimedia tools to convey and enhance spatial ideas.

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