“A.I. will be an integral part of every business aspect we know today. Managers and C-Level executives will require a critical set of new skills related to A.I. And if they don’t…Well, they might be left in the dark.” – Harvard Business Review

You can learn A.I. without coding

  • Artificial Intelligence can also be used by non-data scientists and companies with smaller data sets.
  • A.I. is no longer reserved for large companies with armies of data scientists and huge data sets.
  • YOU can now leverage it as a secret weapon of your personal skills and growth strategy.

What can you do after this course?

  • Understand all the concepts and jargon of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Select and execute A.I. algorithms for business purposes such as predictions, segmentation and
  • NLP (Natural Language Processing).
  • Fully understand when and where to apply A.I. to a business case.


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November 18 – November 19
December 9 – December 10