FIBER Festival is an international meeting place for lovers and creators of art, music and digital culture. The festival attracts over 50 participating speakers and artists, 2500 visitors and a wide selection of local companies and organisations, who will connect in the city of Amsterdam to create a dense program of audiovisual performances, live/DJ sets, installations, conference talks and labs.

Now, the great news is Makerversity and FIBER started a collaboration for their 2017 edition! We will be hosting two of their LAB sessions prior to the actual festival: a 2-day prototyping lab for data-architecture and a 1-day lab exploring alchemical electronic circuit. Please check out the following link for more info on the content of LAB 2 and LAB 4. They are taking place on May 9-11 and on the last two days the participants will also be using our workshop facilities, next to our members working on their usual projects.

More info on the FIBER festival: