Are you a marketing professional, startup founder or generally interested in kicking ass? 

Building the greatest product is not enough anymore. You need to attract and convince new customers. How? By applying the growth hacking process. 

It has been used by the most successful startups from Silicon Valley for years and is becoming the standard process.

Growth hacking diverts from traditional marketing.

It’s a mix of product management, coding, lean startup, conversion rate optimization and digital marketing.


2day growth hacking crash course:
During these two intensive days, we’ll upgrade you with the skills and knowledge of the future to apply growth hacking in your organization.
17 January – 18 January
24 January – 25 January
31 January – 01 February
04 February – 05 February
14 February – 15 February
21 February – 22 February
28 February – 01 March