Thema: Art & Culture

Studio HER

Studio HER is more than just a production house; it’s a movement that redefines the boundaries of creativity and drives positive change in the creative industry. We bring together talented FX individuals, forge meaningful connections, and create audiovisual experiences that captivate, inspire, and leave a lasting impact on audiences worldwide.

AHK VRAcademy

At the VRAcademy students can get to know the latest VR, AR and mixed reality techniques.

PNP Media | Green Key Studio

Marineterrein Amsterdam’s Green Key Studio is perfect for recording webinars, live streams or roundtable sessions. Rent the bare space or with equipment and personnel included.

AHK Culture Club

AHK Culture Club is a stage and program on Marineterrein Amsterdam for enterprising, innovative and transdisciplinary collaborating artists and designers, who are the final phase of their studies at the Amsterdam University of the Arts or who have recently graduated.

AHK Learning Lab

AHK Learning Lab is the laboratory of the Amsterdam School of the Arts (AHK) for initiatives at the intersection of art, science, technology and education. It is home to the lecturers of Architecture & Circular Thinking and Art Education, the AHK ArtechLAB and the Masters in Art Education.

La Bolleur

La Bolleur is a multidisciplinary design studio, founded by a group of thinkers and makers that take having fun seriously.

Ado Ato Pictures

Ado Ato provides services such as media production, ideation, packaging and development services in film, animation, interactive and immersive media (VR/AR/XR), workshops and screenings.

AHK MakerSpace

All students of Amsterdam University of the Arts have a common maker space where they work together with scientists, industry and community members in the field, on innovative projects for societal challenges.

NEMO The Studio

NEMO The Studio is a laboratory for new programs that complement the exhibitions in the main building of the science museum.