Foto: Melchior Overdevest

Arts and culture space

The former shooting range is an elongated concrete building in which the Dutch Navy used to have their shooting exercises.

After an extensive renovation with reused materials, the Shooting range (Schietbaan) is now open for arts and culture. Beneath the large grandstand staircase, which leads from an open plaza to the roof of the Shooting range, Kometen Brood Loket runs a little bakery.  The rooftop walkway offers great views of the city.

Arts and culture program

The Marineterrein is a research area for future cities and urban challenges. A collective of organizations and knowledge institutions are discovering how the city can best adapt to the rapidly changing world.

To explore and help shape the city of the future, Bureau Marineterrein has set up a program for experimental arts and culture projects in the exhibition space of the Shooting range.

For artists and programmers

Are you a programmer or an artist with interesting and innovative ideas on the transformation of the Marineterrein and the challenges facing cities worldwide? Submit your proposal now! You might soon be able to work in and around the Shooting range. The interior exhibition space as well as the plaza, the stairs and the walkway on the roof can be used for projects.

How does it work?

Your project must meet at least the following conditions: 

  • You collaborate with an organisation based on the Marineterrein and/or the project addresses urban challenges.
  • The project has an experimental character.
  • The project is lacking sufficient space in the city.
  • You reserve the space for a minimum of four days and a maximum of one month.  Exceptions to this are negotiable, if well-founded.
  • You organize at least one public activity or event.

Let’s start!

Register here below and read more about the specifications and floor plans here.

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