Thema: Research & eduction


Roboat develops innovative autonomous vessels at the Marineterrein.


How can we use technology to make urban environments more livable and inclusive?

ROC van Amsterdam

Vocational education is represented at Marineterrein with the arrival of ROC of Amsterdam, This educational institution wants to offer students special opportunities, enter into partnerships and create unique educational initiatives.

AHK VRAcademy

At the VRAcademy students can get to know the latest VR, AR and mixed reality techniques.

Techleap is a non-profit organisation, funded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and
Climate Policy.

PNP Media | Green Key Studio

Marineterrein Amsterdam’s Green Key Studio is perfect for recording webinars, live streams or roundtable sessions. Rent the bare space or with equipment and personnel included.

Dutch Edtech

Dutch Edtech is a foundation that aims to accelerate innovation in the triangle of education and learning, technology and policy.


itorium is an education technology start-up, founded by the University of the Netherlands and Flanders.

AHK Learning Lab

AHK Learning Lab is the laboratory of the Amsterdam School of the Arts (AHK) for initiatives at the intersection of art, science, technology and education. It is home to the lecturers of Architecture & Circular Thinking and Art Education, the AHK ArtechLAB and the Masters in Art Education.